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Wireless Alarms

We will supply, fit, configure and commission an Intruder Alarm to the required specification using Wireless Sensors. Signalling is via a suitable telephone line, even if upgraded to ADSL using either Digicom or the Dual Path BT Redcare.

To obtain a Police response on a wireless system we will use Police compliant components and the system will be installed to the current BS6799 and DD242 standard.

Advantages of a Wireless System are:

  • Wires do not have to be run all through the building to link the sensors to the Control Panel, and being wireless we avoid drilling, lifting carpets, floorboards etc., and the disturbance to the structure that could result from wiring, The control devices, Panel, keypads, sirens and proximity readers are still all hard wired though.

  • We can still fit Pet Sensitive Sensors for Pets up to 25kg.

  • A hybrid system can be installed to include a Remote outhouse/garage when there would be a problem/expense of running cable down a garden. In these circumstance the house alarm could be wired, with a radio expander added so that wireless sensors could be used in the Garage/Outhouse.

  • Wireless Systems use Radio Frequencies to transmit data between devices, these frequencies can pick up interference. We use kit that transmits on a set aside frequency for Security Systems to eliminate this problem.

  • Similarly Wireless Computer networks and other consumer items use Radio Frequencies as well, hence the need to take care in frequencies used by alarm.

  • Costs Obviously there is a premium to be paid for such sophisticated kit, but surprisingly enough it is only about 35% more than that of a wired system.

  • Personal Wireless remote control units are available to carry around, with these you can turn system on/off or call for help using the panic button facility.

Our BT Redcare security system can also be fitted as wireless.

Confused by all the choices?

Contact us and we arrange for one of our security experts to contact you and  discuss your particular requirements, make recommendations for a unique solution and offer practical alternatives.


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