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CCTV Security Camera Systems

Whether you need a CCTV  system for your house, your business premises or for your shopping centre, we are the installer for you.

ITS Security specialises in the design, installation and support of CCTV systems.

Operating throughout the UK, we can supply and install quality security camera systems for the domestic, commercial, industrial and public sectors.

Our highly trained staff are involved in all aspects of the project from the initial design, through to the installation, implementation and the training of the operators and site managers.

CCTV is now commonplace in most environments with a vast array of equipment available. As a professional installation company, we can provide the best solution to meet your requirement and budget.

Our solutions incorporate only quality equipment from manufactures such as Panasonic, Sony, Dennard and many others.

We also lead the way in Ethernet CCTV, pioneering the latest technology to transmit quality CCTV images over LANs/WANs and the Internet.

If you need to view images from a different location then we are the people to speak too.

CCTV in Pubs and Licensed Premises

With the introduction of the new Policing and Crime Bill into Parliament, this will provide the Police and Councils the power to force (by means of a condition of licence) any premises selling alcohol, to install a CCTV system, and hand over any relevant footage from security cameras demanded by the Police.

Obviously, Public Houses will be the first to be made to comply with this Bill when passed as Law, and already, the Islington Police have insisted that the application from a new Landlord in a soon-to-be redeveloped Pub has a CCTV system installed capable of providing head and shoulder pictures of everyone entering the Premises, as well as activities of the patrons inside.

Supermarkets and Off-Licences are also included as they too are premises which sell alcohol.
The Bill is also rumoured to contain a clause that requires the premises to provide to the Police recordings of the last 60 days events. This involves the use of Digital Video Recorders with substantial hard drive capacity.

ITS Security can offer systems which will comply to all of the requirements that are contained in the Bill, as we have the experience and technical ability to provide the necessary advice and installations.

See priced examples of CCTV systems for Pubs and licensed premises

CCTV Security Cameras System Protects Church Roof from lead theft.

At the Meriden Church in the midlands where we have installed a  Monitored CCTV Camera on the Tower to protect the roof which has a history of lead theft.

A new roof has been installed and the CCTV camera is there for security. Should anyone access the roof the Camera alerts a remote monitoring centre, transmits pictures and Police can be called.

We can also arrange attractive leasing terms  through Grenke  Leasing

The GRENKE advantage

  1. Safeguard your liquidity
  2. Improve your company’s credit rating
  3. Enjoy reliable budgeting on the basis of consistent leasing payments
  4. Be sure of access to cutting-edge technology
  5. Leasing available from a purchase price of £500 (net)

Current CCTV Special Offer

16 day/night cameras 520 tvl vandal resistant
2 x 8 channel power supplies
1 x 17 inch monitor
1 x 16 channel with 1 tb hard drive with re writer
installation and commissioning

Total cost only £3635.15 plus vat

This will cover a shop or warehouse up to 2500sq ft

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