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Security of Internet CCTV Systems and smartphones.

The use of IT systems including smart phones and Internet connected devices is growing at an ever increasing pace.

With computers, security has had to be taken into account and most operating systems are constantly updated to ensure they remain secure and difficult to hack into.

Some smart phones and other internet connected devices such as CCTV systems have not been so fast to secure their systems and many are easy to "crack" by hackers using cheap, readily available software.

This can give the hackers access to compromised devices allowing the hacker to access files on your devices and view things live through your CCTV systems.

We can help you ensure your systems are secure by having the most up to date operating systems and ensuring basic security is inbuilt into your systems to prevent unauthorised access at all times.

See this interesting video which although slightly dated now, covers just how easy it is to gain access to some unprotected systems.

How to hack a CCTV camera with primitive methods


'Smart' home devices used as weapons in website attack

See recent news article from the BBC:-


Hackers used internet-connected home devices, such as CCTV cameras and printers, to attack popular websites on Friday, security analysts say.

Twitter, Spotify, and Reddit were among the sites taken offline on Friday.

Each uses a company called Dyn, which was the target of the attack, to direct users to its website.

Security analysts now believe the attack used the "internet of things" - web-connected home devices - to launch the assault.


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