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Home CCTV Security System.

Cyber-Cam-TV System

Imagine, taking a small unit out of a box ( approx. 30*20*10cms ) and plugging in 2 cables, one into a phone socket and the other into mains.

Next you point a number of web cams at required targets) and plugging in  the cables) into the back of the unit, (Cam1, Cam2, etc.) Next insert a CD to set-up the almost self-installing, digital video and viewing software, on your PC, Laptop, Palm top, etc... and it's ready!

Just dial up with your password on the web site and you can see your home, business, etc. from work, palm top, anywhere in the world via the internet.

Now imagine, that each or any combination of cameras can also be set to detect movement, within there scope of vision and even send a text message to your mobile to alert you if movement is detected.

The system will have pre-recorded video and audio prior to the alarm activation, capturing not only the cause of the alarm but also a selected period of time leading up to the alarm. On a secure recorder in cyber-space, one that can't be stolen.

The quality of the pictures depends entirely on the quality of cameras used, some of which will even allow for remote controlled zooming and panning, as well as very high visual quality if required.

If this isn't enough, you can also remotely switch lights, TV's, etc. on and off, without the need for any special additional cabling, impossible ?

PRICES start from only 199 for a single camera system and approx. 999 for a basic 8 camera system. We can install the system for you or in many cases simply advise you on how to do this yourself.

If you are interested in being able to keep an eye on your home while you're away, or just to dramatically expand the areas of your home or business under CCTV surveillance and movement detection, for a fraction of the traditional CCTV costs, then contact us ! 

If being able to view pictures of almost anywhere, from anywhere  securely over the internet would be advantageous to you, then we can recommend this advanced Cyber Cam CCTV system.

This is a powerful, cost effective and quick to set-up solution with sophisticated extras included, a security choice worth exploring.

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Chris Day, a Director of ITS Home Security, is an experienced, ex-Central London Police Officer, now involved in the security industry as a consultant security analyst.

'I'm impressed with the simplicity and sophistication of this net based Cyber-Cam System ( Internet based CCTV to you and me ). As it is relatively low price and very flexible compared with more conventional CCTV applications. It allows people to benefit from covering key surveillance areas more thoroughly, which must also be a strong deterrent, as well as improving the chances of it providing valuable evidence and assistance to the police, should it ever be needed. That it constantly pre-records the time leading up to an alert, is a rare and useful feature and that the video recorder is not on site must also mean it's safe from damage and theft!'

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